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Who is Alison Rey?

Hey there!

I'm Alison, in fact. I began my career in the adult film industry in 2014 performing as an adult actress, or a "mattress actress", as some would say. I've had multiple nominations from AVN and XBIZ, though haven't won any awards for my performances (yet!).

I often work behind the scenes as a production assistant for Anatomik Media, shooting a lot of content for Adult Time. Through my work with AdultTime, I started directing my very own sexy docuseries, "Between the Sheets with Alison Rey" in which viewers get an intimate look at the lives of their favorite adult performers when they're not putting on a show for the camera.

Some may know me primarily from TikTok, where I'm known as a "corn worker" (because God forbid we ever talk about sex in the public arena that is the internet). I spill a lot of tea about the industry there and plan on spilling the metaphorical kettle here. Mainly we'll just talk about my wedding plans, my craft projects, and the occasional on-set drama 😉  Thanks so much for visiting and hope you enjoy what you find ❤️ 

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