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Welcome Friends, Fans, and Freaks (the good kind)!

Hey! So it's super weird to be starting my own blog. It wasn't exactly something I ever thought about doing, but with the community I've created through TikTok, I felt it was time to have my own platform where I could post whatever I wanted and not be confined by the "brand" or algorithm of Twitter, IG, TikTok, etc.

This will be a place where you can get to know the girl off-camera, rather than my stage persona. I'd like to make a personal connection with each and every one of you if I haven't done so already. I absolutely love my job and my life and one of my biggest aims when it comes to meeting new people is showing others that sex workers are regular people.

Yeah, I know, we've all heard that before, whether it was from movie stars, music artists, or professional athletes, it's been said a million times. "I'm a real person - just like you!" But it really is true, especially for the majority of performers in the adult industry. We can't all be mega stars like Angela White or Cherie DeVille, but we do the same job. My life is painfully boring and normal, my income is comfortable but I still live on a budget, I walk my dogs three times a day, I go to the gym, I sit down and do computer work for hours on hours... basically the exact same thing most of you do. So why would you bother reading my blog at all if I'm so boring? Because shared experience is the cornerstone of great friendships.

Please shoot me an email, interact with me on my socials, or join my subscription site if you want to get really intimate. All of these places can be found in the "My Links" tab! And yes, like you, I never have enough free time. So while I may not get to every message right away, I am here, I am listening and I cannot wait to get to know you too ❤️



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Alison, I had a DVD with you on it. I somehow lost it. The video was about you in the kitchen with an older friend. He was reluctant. Then you ended up on the couch wiht him. Was one of the hotest I have seen you in. Do you happen to remember the name? I have looked on every website with no luch. Help me out hopefully.


Alison I often wonder if and when you actually have orgasms. I understand that you play for work but do you actually get any enjoyment from the play?


Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Jul 29, 2022

Just a quick note. Saw your interview via Epix Documentary. You and the fiance/hubby inspired my "Girl Friday" in my latest WIP. Only 30,000 words in so far but would be happy yo share a copy once it's picked up. Thanks. You added a perfect bit of heart to her personality, and a few inspired moments of comedic relief too. You are the bestest


I have mentioned this to you on Twitter before Alison but it must be re-stated - there are few people that I have ever come across that are as down to earth, humble, caring and open as you Alison. Your personality and your attitude are beautiful and incredible and making that personal connection with you just draws your fans in more than we already are. Reading both blog entries so far, you feel like a "normal" person and normalizing the sex industry will go a long way to making it safer for the performers and bringing the community together. I cannot wait to read more from you, your life, your new husband and your dogs and just anything else …


Kortney Whittaker
Kortney Whittaker
Mar 09, 2022

send me nudes ples

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